Midsouthern Restorations

About Us and Our New Shop

After seven years of business here in Tennessee, we took a leap and moved forward on a much needed, larger, more modern facility to restore our customers cars. A site was picked that was near Cookeville and easy to locate just a few minutes off of exit 286 on I-40. Next to Cane Creek Road the dirt work began early in the spring of 2012. By July 1st we started moving in and by August 1st the pieces were in place and we started up the business again. There was a waiting list of cars that could not get in our old building and once the move was on, these cars easily fit in our new 12,000 square foot shop. The shop boasts two large paint booths, a sealed off “dirty room” for tear down of old cars and trucks, more lifts, new compressors. Moving was a huge undertaking and we made many trips across town. Every week that goes by we are feeling more at home and more organized. There will be some finishing up to do to the shop over the next few months but this is huge improvement for our business and customers. There is now a large office for customer meetings and planning stages of cars has well has a climate controlled break room for employees. Of course we always had an open door policy and anyone passing through is welcome to come check us out.

Over the past few years many businesses related to ours have failed. Ours has continued to grow and this shop is a testament to that. When you read through the many personal stories of the restored cars and trucks, you will see that many of these came from others shop where they were messed up and done wrong leaving the customer to pull them out and find us. At one time 70% of all of our work came from “The guy that can do it cheaper down the street.” This web site states the name of City, State, and other country that the vehicle is from so you can see the growing area we serve. Also when you look at the shear number of cars that made it to our web site for restorations keep in mind that this many have also not made it on the web site but were smaller projects such has motor change outs or upgrades, electrical work and rewiring, dent and paint repair on classic cars, mechanical rebuilds. When it comes time for you to restore your old friend, first car, dream car or family heirloom, search out for the professionals. Ask for references and do your due diligence.

We have a saying here: Do it right once!