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1950 1 Ton Pickup

MidSouthern Restorations: 1950 1 Ton PickupHere is a very cool Chevrolet 1-ton that came to us from Crossville, TN that a new owner from The Memphis, TN area inherited. The gentleman that owns it now was the son and nephew of the original owners. His Grandmother bought the truck new for his dad and his younger brother when the eldest was in... Read more >>

1955 Chevy Belair

MidSouthern Restorations: 1955 Chevy Belair Here is an excellent example of “Not Doing it Right Once”. These customers came to us from South Haven, Mississippi. They searched for a professional restoration shop for their classic car that was supposed to be a tribute car to their late father. It still will be the second time around. The 1955 Chevy... Read more >>

1966 Mustang Fastback

MidSouthern Restorations: 1966 Mustang FastbackThis 66 Fastback Mustang come from Nashville TN . The owner inherited from an old friend. He new of the car and always wanted to do something wild with it and one day he acquired it. . There was much wrong with this car in the sense of restoration but the owner wants to resto mod it so it was in great... Read more >>

1966 Mustang

MidSouthern Restorations: 1966 Mustang1966 Mustang fastback came out of Kentucky for a full restoration. The owners are Mustang owners of other years and this one was added. It was in a barn when they found it and it appeared to have been sitting for a few years at least. The car looked solid but once disassembly started the past came... Read more >>

1966 Chevrolet C-10

MidSouthern Restorations: 1966 Chevrolet C-10Old pickups are cool. Here is one that a customer called us on from Pembroke Kentucky. This is a 1966 C-10 long bed. This was typical work horse of farms back in the day. Our customer has memories of his dad owning one of these when he was a young boy and vowed when older he would own one. Being in... Read more >>

1967 Mustang Fastback

MidSouthern Restorations: 1967 Mustang FastbackThis 67 Mustang Fastback is from Cookeville, Tennessee and is from a growing Mustang collection. The body was purchased painted and a new power plant was sought out. The owner found a running 1967 427 Ford Side Oiler Tunnel Port 2 x 4 FE motor. He decided to build the car around the motor and wanted... Read more >>

1968 Mercury Cougar

MidSouthern Restorations: 1968 Mercury CougarWe have restored Fords and Mustangs, but no Mercury Cougars. Here is a 1968 Dan Gurney Special in need of some TLC. Our new customer and friend had seen an episode of Power Block where our Torino Cobra was on the show. He inquired about restoration on his car. This car was delivered from just south... Read more >>

1969 R-Code Mustang

MidSouthern Restorations: 1969 R-Code MustangHere is a real classic muscle car. It is not everyday you go pick up a car for a new customer and when the garage door is opened you find a R-Code 428 Cobra Jet 1969 Mustang Mach 1. What is really rare is when you see it and there is a yellow paint job over the original Candy Apple Red with Boss 302... Read more >>

1972 Gran Torino Sport

MidSouthern Restorations: 1972 Gran Torino SportClassic old four door car need help also. The owner of this pillar top 1972 Gran Torino lives near Nashville, TN and sought out our help. When I checked out this car is appeared to be in pristine original shape and was always garage kept. He mentioned the roof was repaired sometime in the past from... Read more >>