Midsouthern Restorations

1949 Chevy Truck

This 1949 Chevrolet truck came to us from south of Nashville in Franklin TN. It was picked up by our crew and delivered to the restoration shop. The 3100 series 5 window cab unit has been waiting a long time to hit the road again. The owner acquired this vehicle in the early 1980ís when he was a teenager. His father gave it to him after one of his clients paid a debt with the Ĺ ton Chevy.

As a teenager, our new customer worked on the truck when he could. A newer 235 cubic inch 6 cylinder motor replaced the 216. As time went on the old truck had to wait it turn during lifeís changes. There was college, military and family life with children to tend to. Time has somewhat slipped by and now fast forward to 2010. With full family backing the truck will be looking and operating like new soon. The goal is to restore back to all original with a few modern upgrades.

The classic old five window truck is moving at fast pace. The cab was removed and motor pulled. The frame was sand blasted of all the asphalt and gunk from being a county maintenance truck. Every item was taken off frame and then it was blasted again. The loose parts were disassembled, cleaned, repaired and worn parts replaced. Even the leaf springs were taken apart and blasted and re assembled after complete paint. With the chassis done the motor was opened up. It was test run before removal and proved to be good. It was cleaned re-seal and installed on chassis. Every vehicle has dirty little secrets and the cab showed itís after a blasting. The cab corners were rusted and the floor needed repaired. Now it is ready for body prep and primer. Notice the 49 Chevy sedan in a picture next to chassis. We figured two more old Chevrolets and we could open an antique dealership.

This 49 Chevy 3100 truck left our shop 95 % complete as the owner is providing interior upholstery, wood to the bed, and some ornaments that are at the chrome platting shop. As a premier Auto Restoration Shop in TN we provide the service of picking up and delivering vehicles in all surrounding states. The goal was for this truck to be as a new 49 Chevrolet would have been. The results are an outstanding looking, driving, and professionally restored Ĺ ton ready to hit car shows or weekend driver.