Midsouthern Restorations

1972 Chevy Pickup Truck

Classic old Chevrolet Trucks need love to. This 1972 has been with its owner since nearly new as he was the second owner. After many years of service and one repaint along the way, our customer has decided to give himself a retirement present and get the Chevy painted and upgraded one more time. The truck looked presentable but soon rust was found in the bed and the doors. The bed was rusted so bad that a replacement was sought out and it was torn down and repaired and restored. Patch panels were made for the doors and after the rust was cut out, these pieces were welded in. The cab is smoothed out and when doors are fitted the front clip and fire wall of the truck will be addressed.

The motor was pulled and upgraded and painted famous Chevy orange. The body parts are all now repaired and painted and the truck is in the process off re-assembly. The truck will look similar to its old self with out the rust and body filler. This type of restoration has saved this truck for a few decades to come. Stay posted, this truck will be together soon.

The assembly of the 72 Chevrolet went quick as all the parts were painted before hand. The front and rear brakes were rebuilt and new brake lines were installed. All that is left is for the customer to have bed liner sprayed in and his choice of seats installed. This Old Truck has never looked this smooth.