Midsouthern Restorations

1970 J-Code Torino GT

This month of July 2011 we have taken on two full restorations from the state of Kentucky. By searching us out and seeing the Award winning 70 Torino Cobra we had restored a few years ago, he decided to bring his car here for us to see and to check out our operation and look at our shop. We are getting to be the best known Auto Restoration Shop in TN and surrounding states.

We were excited to see the J- Code Torino GT. It came with a 429 Cobra Jet, 4 speed, ram air and bench seat. This is a rare car and the way this car was ordered it is listed has a One of One.

The Torino GT made it back from the sandblaster and usual rust was revealed. The suspension was removed and put on a rotisserie. Many people talk of frame off restorations, but most cars donít even have frames. This is a UNI-body car like most get it done correctly. Beware of cheap fully restored autos for sale. From here all rust will be removed and complete car will be better than new. Our Torino Cobra on this site will give you a sneak preview of what is coming for this Torino.

Here is metal work 101. New torque boxes were hand made. The floors are in. The rear torque boxes were opened and checked and new tops welded on. Here is what it looks like with new floors. A final sand blast will happen when complete welding is done.

Many hours have been spent rebuilding the GT body. Rust free replacement body parts were found and fit. The standard hood was cut for the hood scoop and hood locks. The NOS trunk lid was fit with tail light assembly. All body parts are in Final stages of primer. The underside will be painted body color of red so it was smoothed out and seam sealed. Many other restoration shops tell of rotisserie restorations but we show you.

The Torino was assembled to the point where the customer is going to take over and finish assembly. The suspension has been totally rebuilt. In a few months this 429 CJ Torino GT will be making a maiden voyage again after many years of rotting away. No expense was spared to make this once again an awesome muscle car.

The Torino GT was completed by the owner and is truly a testament to his eye for quality and a love for saving this remarkable rare muscle car.