Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

This 1967 Mustang convertible is in for complete restoration and modifications. The car owner is from Murfreesboro Tennessee. The modifications include Triangulated rear suspension with Ford nine inch rear differential and coil over shocks. The front will receive a modern Mustang II front end with power rack and pinion and disc brakes on all for corners. This 67 started life has a six cylinder car with four bolt hubs. A 347 cubic inch small block and top loader four speed will power it. The owner wants this car to be show car status and will receive a rotisserie repair and clean up. Rust is minimal on this 48,000 mile original car from Florida. It has been in storage for many years and when complete will be eventually given to his daughter has a gift. Color plans call for an Acapulco Blue exterior with white top and white interior. Follow this car on here to see it transform.

The Mustang was media blasted and much rust was revealed. The triangulated nine inch Ford rear end was welded in place has well as the Mustang II front suspension. Then it went on the rotisserie. All the rust was cut out and all new metal welded in. The underneath side of car was then smoothed out as well as the firewall and engine compartment. Sub frame connectors were added for more integrity.

The underside is complete and now the suspension will be painted Gray Metallic and refitted.

The suspension on this car is awesome to say the least. Once it was set all up it was back to the body shop to finish the body work.

The 347 Ford crate motor dyno test at 425 HP and this car sounds great. The upholstery was custom sewn in white. The little car took on a huge transformation and is now a show car. Do it right once and these are the results. These types of cars are not inexpensive to build.