Midsouthern Restorations

1963 Impala SS

Sometimes we go out of our business way to help people. We met this customer at a car show in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee and he was telling us about a '63 Impala SS with a 327 four-speed with every option he had bought new and still owned. Another company started to re-paint the car and was about half way complete. The company quit and moved out of state, taking valuable parts with them. He brought us the car, and the job to make it right was more than anticipated. The whole body was reworked and straightened out. Then the original blue was sprayed, and most of the trim was put back on. The customer wanted to finish the car himself and had fallen short on money. We let him take the car home so it could be completed, and the money owed was put into monthly installment at the price the customer was comfortable with. In six months, the old Chevy was cruising around Lafayette, Tennessee and looking new. The bill was paid, and we had friends for life as the customer always stops in to see what is up and brings friends to visit.