Midsouthern Restorations

1949 Chevrolet

Suzie is the name of this 49 Chevrolet from Signal Mountian, Tennessee. This auto was bought used when the owner was 16 as his first car back in the early 1970s. The Chevy has had work done before to keep it running over time, but the owner decided to do it right once so that it would last a long time. The car was brought in and stripped. The motor was checked out and deemed that it needed to be rebuilt. The body was next, and with minor damage and original style fender skirts refit to the wheel openings, the body work went fairly smoothly. The doors were broken out and had to be welded. Once the body work was complete and the first coat of primer sprayed, the body was delivered back to mechanical to rebuild the suspension and brakes. You can see in the pictures how this car is falling into place. The motor was been completed, and the fire wall was painted the body color. Next, the drive train will be installed and the body rewired. Upgrades include a 12 volt system and electronic ignition.

The 49 Chevy is now complete. All missing stainless trim was located and the dented up pieces were straightened sanded and re-polished. Once all the trim was in place and re chromed parts installed the "Ol Chev" came back to life. The new motor started on the first revolution and has run excellent since. The owner for 35 years has driven Suzie home where he will have the interior upholstered new to match the rest of car.