Midsouthern Restorations

1935 Two Door Sedan

Old Hot Rods need love too and this Ford Slant Back from Fairfield Glades, Tennessee is no exception. The suspension was deemed unsafe by the owner and by MIDSR. The top of the car was chopped and so was the frame rails allowing for a modern motor. Once the integrity is restored to the front frame rails a new Mustang II Rack and Pinion steering unit will be installed, including front disc brakes.

The rear of the car will have new tail lights that will be “french’d” into rear panel and the motor needs some adjustments. Other improvements will be made for style and safety as this project progresses. We will add pictures so you can follow along.

The 35 Ford has been worked on diligently. The frame has been boxed in for strength and the Mustang II suspension is complete. The cross bracing has also been updated. The rear suspension has been repaired. The body floor pans were changed and the tail light panel has been modified. The owner has added a rear fuel tank inlet and cap. The rear is now custom and in primer. The owner also gets involved as he was on the floor under coating his own car.

When the newly rebuilt frame was completed it was primed and painted. The owner wants to add electric Exhaust cut outs on car in case he decides he wants to make some noise. Now that it is painted you can really see the Mustang II front suspension upgrade.

The chassis is complete and put back together. The rear brakes were rebuilt and detailed. The motor has been cleaned and repainted and polished up. The new exhaust does have the “cut outs” included. Look like a new correct length drive line is in store. More modifications from the customer are coming.

The body work has been completed and has been lowered back on chassis. The louvered hood furnished by customer was refit and installed. The car was rewired and new instruments installed. The car was then assembled for last time and driven home.