Midsouthern Restorations

1968 Mustang Fastback

Our newest customer is a person we met at a car show in Nashville a few years ago. He lives in Franklin, TN., and while at show talked to us about a project he had that had slowed down to a stop. We went to his house and checked it out and it is a classic 1968 Mustang Fastback. This car has been in the family for many years and barely survived three brothers taking there turn at owning it. One brother rescued the horse and sent it out for some body work and modifications. The body work was completed by another company along with paint. The quality looks good and a new motor was built. Not your typical Small Block Ford. The is a 351 Windsor stroker now yielding 427 Cubic Inches and then to modernize more this is bolted to a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission. The old front suspension was cut off and a new Mustang II unit with rack and pinion steering added. After a few years of sitting idle, the owner has contracted us to get the ball rolling again and finish up his project. Even though this car is painted and much has been done there is still much interesting work to make this car road worthy. For once the dirty work has been done.

The motor and transmission were separated to check alignment of shaft for the Tremic transmission it is critical that close tolerance are met. . That was fine but there was much surface rust on clutch and motor plate. After a clean up and fresh motor paint the motor was installed. Then a roll bar and sub frame connector were installed. The motor was wired in and started. The 427 sounded awesome through the BK headers. The owner picked out the great looking wheel and tire combo. He also picked the set of gauges that are being wired in. A little more down the road and this old Mustang fastback will be cruising down the road once again.

Once all the electrical had been run and much fine tuning the 68 427 Windsor powered Mustang is out driving around. This car has real power. The AFR heads, QT carburetor along with BK Headers and much more performance items, all this horsepower sounds awesome through the Magna Flows and all stainless big pipe exhaust. And best of all it looks great sitting idle or burning rubber.