Midsouthern Restorations

1965 Ford Mustang 2+2

This vintage 65 Mustang 2 + 2 Fastback came to us from to us for restoration from Celina, Tennessee. One could say it was garage kept. The car was involved in an accident 10 years ago and the original owners vowed to repair and restore someday and present it to there son as a gift who is serving in the military in the Middle East. After having the car before they were married and during military time spent in Vietnam the car remained part of the family and was driven often and then less as years went by. The car has been repainted in the early days. Fast forward to 2011 and car was picked up from their garage and brought to our shop. The paint was all ready stripped off and the car was disassembled. The damage from the accident was evident and there was roof damage from "someone" jumping down from garage rafters and landing on it.

Once at shop the old body work was uncovered from the thick body filler it was revealed the car was not in bad condition and has been somewhat of any easy fix. Of course it had a small amount of Mustang rust. In these pictures you can see before and after shots of body work and metal work. The roof was repaired easy and the front damage was stretched back out to the point of not needing replacement parts. Body is ready for sealer then finish body work. Check back on progress.

It is all in the detail. The foundation for this restoration has been rebuilt using all new suspension parts including springs. The brakes received a rebuild. The underneath was painted car color and look fabulous. Check out the pair of 65's Mustang fastbacks on the lifts. Mustang is painted and assembled waiting for customer supplied drive train.