Midsouthern Restorations

1979 C-10 Pickup Truck

1979 C-10 Chevrolet Trucks were plentiful at one time but you will not see many today. This one was purchased new by our customer’s father. The customer is a Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot and mechanic in South Korea. He sought us out and his is currently our “long distance” award customer. We correspond through e-mails and an occasional phone call. We picked this up down in Alabama on a military base where it was stored. The goal is to make the truck look like it did new on a budget.

This one started with the suspension being rebuilt and underside cleaned and undercoated... The rear differential was removed as well as all front suspension parts parts. They were sand blasted and painted then all new performance bushing was installed as well as consumable parts and springs. Also Power steering and power brakes were added. The original wheels were in the back of truck and these cleaned and painted and new tires that replicated the one when new where installed. The way ugly smog motor was pulled and is being replaced with rebuilt 1970 292 six cylinder and the 3 speed on the Tree is being retained. The tube grill was tossed out and a used cleaned up stock original one with new center emblem is now in its place. Once the new motor is in place the body and paint will get attention.

We assembled the motor and installed. Note the use of a Holley 350 CFM two barrel carburetor on the 292 Chevrolet A custom adaptor plate was used. The motor mounts were slightly different and were modified. The power steering and power brakes that were added worked well. With the foundation of this truck all restored and the owner back in the country for a few weeks, he was able to test drive and get somewhat use to it again. The old paint was buffed up to add some shine and down the road the owner vows to repaint. His dads truck is now back on the road looking much more original now and is at home in Huntsville, Alabama.