Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Ford F-100

This 1967 F-100 came from Louisville, Kentucky to be restored to new condition. The current owner remembers what this truck looked like when his dad bought it off the showroom floor. Here at this restoration shop we have a soft spot for old Ford trucks.

The body is in near perfect condition except for rust. All vehicles have secrets and this one looks good when brought here but rust was uncovered. Through our network of suppliers we found a very clean rust free replacement box. New metal for the floor and cab mounts was ordered up. The owner wants to upgrade the motor and transmission. The old 352 cubic inch FE was removed and stored complete and a 429 Thunder Jet and C-6 was located. Both will be rebuilt to better than new condition. The brakes and steering will be upgraded. You can follow along to see how this truck transformation turns. It was a good looking old truck that will be new and improved.

We have reworked many truck floors and this is how the pros do an old 60s 70s Ford F Series. You can see the cab mounts are totally rusted away. We are using American made reproduction cab mounts. The frame arm for the mount was rusted to the size of the rubber mount. It was cut and a new plate welded in for the mounts. The floors were cut and fit and welded. Now the cab will removed and sand blasted and then any remaining rust will be repaired. The donor box from a 72 Ford was modified to be like the original. The box is the cleanest used box we have seen and was good purchase.

The 429 ThunderJet / C-6 combo looks right at home in the F-100. The stunning color combo is the correct code for this truck. All new American made trim was located and used. And all stainless steel trim was polished. The motor is now ready to start.

The F-100 was unveiled at the F-100 nationals for the first time and was the first time the owners wife has seen the truck completed. The truck won best in class out of many 1967-1972 entries. The truck is now back home in Kentucky.