Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Ford Fairlane

Not many muscle cars have the nice square body lines of the 1966-67 Ford Fairlane. This is a true S code big block 4 speed GT. These cars have risen in value considerably in the last few years. This car was bought in Florida many years ago and was in the waiting mode to be restored. The owner of this car introduced himself at an auction in Florida and then after he moved to Sparta Tennessee and got settled in he had us pick his car up to start the process. The old car was a drag car in its previous life. The wheel wells were cut for big tire clearance and even the rear leaf springs were half mooned for even more clearance. The old homemade ladder bards were welded to the rear axle tube so hard the tube is actually bent from weld shrinkage and heat. The shock towers were beat in with a big hammer for engine clearance. Even though there were some poor boy modifications this car is in decent shape for its age and past abuse. Once stripped to bare metal the rust is minimal and a parts car was purchased for new shock towers and a quarter panel. The four speed toploader transmission will be checked out and the motor will be rebuilt with upgrades. Watch has this car transforms.

The 390 Ford Fe long block is finished waiting on a set of rocker shafts. The emphasis was put on the car body. Since the shock towers were beat in for clearance and ruined, a parts car was purchased and its shock towers were removed and welded into the GT’s engine compartment. This is a big job and they smoothed out and the front painted. Then moving front to rear, any and all rust was removed and new metal put in place. The parts car also gave up its outer wheel wells has the Fairlane’s quarter panels and original wells were butchered up for big slicks. The wells from the parts car had to be removed and they were rusted along the wheel opening edge. This was cut out and new metal welded in after it was hand formed to original shape. They were fit and welded in the car and new quarter panels were fit also. Once everything were fit into place and welded where needed the quarter skins were removed and both sides were sand blasted and seal primed. Now it is time to weld on new quarters. Some parts are just not made and sold for certain cars and the outer wheel wells were not. This is just has well for most aftermarket parts are ill fitting Chinese crap. This is how pro shops fix cars correctly.

The potent Big Ford Motor roared to life on our new run stand. The FE makes good power. With the body work completed the car was painted 2013 Ford Ruby Red Metallic. This is a difficult color to paint and is Tri-Stage paint. After some cure time and a buff job the car is now being assembled. The wheels that are on the car are for rolling purposes only.

This is Classic Car Restoration at its best. A very happy customer! A beautiful Big Block FE powered 1966 Ford Fairlane GT. The dog dish hubcaps were an excellent choice to stand out in the crowd. If that won’t do it the exhaust header cutouts let the motor be heard the way it should. Has soon has it was finished the fabulous Fairlane was loaded on trailer and taken to The Fairlane Nationals in east Tennessee. There are many compliments given on the straight body and paint and performance.