Midsouthern Restorations

1937 Hudson Business Coupe

Rare old cars are still out waiting their turn to be rescued. This is a 1937 Hudson Business Coupe that had to be rescued twice. The customer sought us out has she was looking for a professional restoration company to help her save this car. She is from Memphis Tennessee and purchased this car out of Montana. She then sent it to a street rod and restoration ace from the Knoxville Tennessee area. He had the car for 4 years and managed to pull the original running motor and transmission out and sell it for scrap and cut all the body bolts off. That is where he left off. We were told by a Hudson museum there were only six known cars like this left not counting this one. That is rare indeed. Once we were involved we went to Knoxville and loaded up not one but two old Hudsonís and we are restoring both. The 36 sedan is also on our web site. The so called restorer had plans of putting in an old 350 Chevy motor in place of the original flat head. After the coupe was rescued from there it was brought here. Another 1937 Hudson sedan was purchased out of Colorado for parts and to get the motor and transmission out of it so an original restoration could be completed on Business Coupe. The coupe was used by salesmen to deliver and show products by lifting the rear hatch and pulling out the truck bed that is on rails similar to a tool box that had their products stored. The owner has a little girl learned to drive in a car like this and remembers her father hanging out of the hood working on the motor. She has an eye for antiques and the real beauty of this car.

The body was removed and it and the chassis was glass bead blasted and them prime coated and sealed. Body work has begun has well chassis rebuilding. Parts for this car will be hard to find but they will hunted down and the old coupe will come to back to life. The motor and trans are being rebuilt to stock.

Here is the coupe has of November 1 2013. The numbers matching chassis and body are back together. The body was painted Nile Green and is a 40 Ford color. The inside was spray lined with body color to seal and sound deaden. The dash was painted mint brown. A complete running 37 Sedan and a 37 Junker sedan were purchased for parts to put this bad boy back together. Parts are very scarce and still some have to be found. Some parts are being nickel plated instead of paint. The rear trunk hinges are now plated has well as all original body bolts from a parts car. Hand built brake lines, relined shoes, re sleeved wheel cylinders make brakes system. A custom built Stainless Steel tank will be custom made for both Hudson products we are restoring.

The truck small box was restored and new wheels were machined for the roll out mechanism. All handles and latches were nickel plated. Many parts were nickel plated instead of paint for quality show. The wheels were sandblasted repainted and re-pinstriped and the original Terraplane hub caps were restored and re-plated. The front body parts were fitted and we are waiting on motor to be rebuilt.

The old six cylinder motor made it back from the re-builder, was mated to the rebuilt transmission and installed. All the wiring has been installed along with gauges and tail light. They were checked and when 12 volts were applied the Hudson came back to life. The grill was a real challenge to put back together. The waterfall effect made it worth the effort. The radiator supports were hand fabricated using Stainless Steel rod and are an exact match to the rusted, bent, broke originals. Soon the car will be test run.

The Utility Coupe is now complete after a painstakingly meticulous restoration. This car has all the very hard to find non existent parts that were discarded in the day. The leather and cloth material interior was chosen by the owner and fit well. The car is stunning and drives has a new 37 Hudson would of. The 37 was completed in time to be part of the Hudson International Meet in Chattanooga TN in the end of June 2016.