Midsouthern Restorations

1968 Mustang Coupe

We received a call from a gentleman that lives in Cleveland, Tennessee and he told us of this 68 Mustang Coupe that he has owned since he was 17 years old. He did rust repair to the floors and had the motor rebuilt. Once up and running his girlfriend / wife had many dates with the car. That lasted for a few years and then the car went down. It was attempted to be restored again but the owner was busy with his business to pursue. The old car was put in storage. There it sat until the time was right to surprise his bride with their old car back, this time brought to new status with a few creature comforts to upgrade. A Mustang II front suspension from Rod & Custom will be replacing the original set up. This will include power disc brakes and rack and pinion power steering. A/C will be added. The once rebuilt 289 will be upgraded for a power increase but will retain stock appearance. A Tremec 5 speed manual gear box will replace the C-4 slush pump. The pictures show the condition we received it in and this is the way we like it. The car is not has rough has the customer thought. It was stripped and sent to be glass bead blasted. Even the cowl was removed to ensure no rust will be left. A six month turn around time was agreed upon so watch this one transform rather quick.

The rust was repaired by cutting and welding in new sections of the car body. Once the body work on top and underneath was complete, the under side was sprayed with black liner and the inside sprayed with white liner mixed with Meadow Lark Yellow paint, the same as the exterior color. This is for sealing and sound deadening purposes and looks good also. The special ordered 5 speed transmission is holding this project up.

Once the new transmission showed up the drive train went quick. The assembly of body and components prove that many old parts have to be replaced even though they were deemed usable at first. This car handles greats and sounds awesome. The warmed up 289 Windsor motor performs well. The Mustang is now back home waiting to be showed on Valentines day 2014.