Midsouthern Restorations

1966 Mustang

We received a phone call from a gentleman in Nashville, Tennessee telling us how he wanted to restore and get his original 1966 Mustang back the way it was when he first got the car in the mid 70ís. His uncle owned a GM dealership and his father happened to be there visiting the day this pony car was traded in on a new car. It was quickly purchased for $650 and taken home. When the owner became of age he and his father did a little work to it and he when he took possession he drove it through high school. He and his girl friend took it to the prom and the rest is history. Now his wife of many years, the Mustang is a big part of their family and past history. After college the car was parked as the new career took the family to different parts away from home to live, the car stayed in Nashville. Fast forward and now residing back in Nashville the elder father passed away and now was the right time to get the old car back to new status. I went to get the car and was amazed at how original it still was and in decent shape for sure.

The car was loaded and delivered back to the shop. The very next day it was running and after some testing deemed to be in decent mechanical shape. The body was stripped and the motor and transmission pulled. The chassis was steamed cleaned and a small amount of rust was found. It was previously re-painted and had some prior body rust and damage from a fender bender. Overall it was solid enough to make quick work of the body restoration. The cowl vents were rusted and allowed water to come in to the floors and that is why it rusted there. Instead of removing complete cowl, the area directly above the vent holes were cut and removed then they were repaired and the cowl sections were welded back on. The motor was cleaned and stripped down revealing it had a rebuild once in its life. It was re-sealed cleaned again and repainted and a new Holley carburetor was installed has the non matching old one full of rust. All other numbers match for motor. All new suspension was ordered up and stainless steel fuel tank was bought along with all stainless fuel and brake lines. The Mustang will be Wimbledon White soon and the interior will be cleaned up in original colors.

The 1966 Mustang is now near complete. The process went fast has this car was in decent shape without many issues. The rear drive had broken parts and the driveline was dented. These were repaired and replaced. The driverís seat back was broke and a new one was found. The interior came out looking great. The car is on the trailer to deliver to the exhaust shop for a set of duals. Mustang Mike was the assembler and restorer.

The 1966 Mustang coupe was delivered back to the owner after shake down road miles to ensure any bugs would not pop up. The popular pony car looked and operated better than new and is now ready for its second 50 years.