Midsouthern Restorations

1967-1972 Ford Pickup

The owners at MidSouthern like all vintage American made vehicles, cars, and trucks. We have had a few Ford trucks in our day, but lately we are getting calls to restore the 1967-72 Ford Bump trucks. Their time has come I guess and their popularity has skyrocketed. We were ahead of the curve by liking them long before they became of great interest. Even though some of these trucks are in their own spot on the Ford link and even though three of these won the F-100 Nationals, I thought it would be good to post them all in one place. It just so happened that they were all here at the shop at one time so we took pictures. This made for fun afternoon seeing all these trucks lined up. Two of my personal trucks were not in pictures, but will be pictured here. One is my Fatty Slim Speed Shop 67 F-100. It is in shop waiting on paint and a new motor. Enjoy and let us know if you have one to restore or sell.