Midsouthern Restorations

1967 Mustang Fastback

This 67 Mustang Fastback is from Cookeville, Tennessee and is from a growing Mustang collection. The body was purchased painted and a new power plant was sought out. The owner found a running 1967 427 Ford Side Oiler Tunnel Port 2 x 4 FE motor. He decided to build the car around the motor and wanted the ultimate street Mustang to cruise around in. The motor was brought in and test ran on test run stand. It sounded lazy and after a tear down it was found the internal parts were wrong and wrong pistons were used. A trip to a very qualified machine shop for a rebuild using correct components proved to be a good thing has this really woke the motor up to its potential. Brand new matching Holley carburetors were located and a new MSD ignition was installed. A set of sweet Tri-Y headers were purchased. Once the motor was dyno tested and broke in, the chassis was prepped for more horsepower than Ford designed the car to handle. A new Mustang II front suspension was fit after new frame rails were welded in. The rear frame rails were replaced and a narrowed 9 inch Ford rear differential was installed has a Triangulated rear suspension. A sub frame was added. A big spline Ford Top Loader handles the quick gear changes moved by a hydraulic throw out bearing. The exhaust is custom made Stainless Steel tubing and was fabricated here and ends up in front of rear tires like an old Trans Am racer. It is very powerful sounding. While not wanting to repaint the car at first, the owner decided to go all white on the body void of any type of cloning of a Shelby GT. The car is in final reassembly stages. More picture to come when car is complete.