Midsouthern Restorations

1972 Gran Torino Sport

Classic old four door car need help also. The owner of this pillar top 1972 Gran Torino lives near Nashville, TN and sought out our help. When I checked out this car is appeared to be in pristine original shape and was always garage kept. He mentioned the roof was repaired sometime in the past from rust that was caused by the vinyl roof. The car is low mileage with 75,000 original miles. The roof appeared week and once back at shop, the vinyl roof material was cut off exposing a bad rusted and worse attempted repair of the metal. We did not touch car until donor roof was found. That was not an easy task but one was located in Idaho. Thank god some salvage yards save everything. The roof was removed and sent to our shop and then it was game on. The motor was removed to be freshened up but it was in need of rebuild. The pictures show why we never attempt to start an engine that has been sitting, even if it has sat for a few years. The 351 Cleveland Ford is famous and getting rare these days so a nice rebuild was performed. It was left all stock and has close to original has possible. It was broke in a and test ran on our test run motor stand. The original C-4 was pro- rebuilt. The roof was cut off and a very professional repair job completed. The body had a few minor rust spots and has had the body work done and the car is painted a factory color slightly different than it came with. In the sun this car pops. The car is getting assembled and has all the trim work repaired and bumpers have been re-plated.