Midsouthern Restorations

1968 Pontiac Firebird

This is a long term project for the customer of this 68 Firebird that once brought here has been speed up considerably. The owner is from Tullahoma, TN and his family has had this car since the 70ís and was his first car in high school in the eighties. In 1995 a restoration of sorts was started slowly. In the next decade it was in another shop getting body work done with new panels. After a 10 year stay, and never completed the car was brought to us. The body work and rework was completed.

The body and body parts were painted and all the loose parts have been gone through and cleaned, restored or replaced. The motor was rebuilt previously and just need to be freshened up in the detail department.

The project is going quicker than anticipated and one day the owner was surprised to see his car painted the factory color of ALEUTIAN BLUE POLY.

Now the car is being assembled and final pictures will be posted when complete.

In June of 2018 the 68 Firebird was re-born 50 years later in the same week it was built in 1968. The car is nearly has new and in many areas, better than, and was driven 65 miles back home After a 1 year rebuild from our shop and to clean up the last 20 years of restoration work from others, the Firebird is with the family that owned this car for many years.