Midsouthern Restorations

1965 Mercury Colony Park Wagon

There is something for everyone on this web site and here is one for the wagon enthusiast. We have a good friend and customer that lives in Singapore, and France. We store and maintain many of his old cars from his collection. This 1965 Mercury Colony Park wagon is just one of them. He purchased this car and it was on its last leg. The coil springs were heated to lower it and ruined. The 390 FE barely ran and it was sort of ugly. The suspension was the first thing along with a suspension rebuild. Next the motor was pulled and rebuilt and repainted factory colors. You have to love the tall Mercury Script valve covers. Once it was a driver again the body work was started. Soon the rust and dents were gone and it was repainted its factory black color. With the old wood grain decal removed and new one was ordered up and after some testing the faux wood trim was painted to give it a wood grain look. Original wheels where found and a set of old Mercury hubcaps were bought and restored. The big Mercury is looking proud now and after a date with a pro upholstery company it will be ready for summer cruising. It now has Vintage Air added for A/C.

With the upholstery update with NOS materials and some re-chroming the interior looks fantastic. From this point the car was completed and driven to car shows where it was a big hit.